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We Earn Our
Credibility in the Market

Nicash is a technology-driven company with a priority on Digital Cryptoactives. Located in Panama City, Nicash arrives at the market with an irrefutable offer, offering profitability and stability on negotiations in the cryptomoedas market.

Our Mission

Present the cryptoactive scenario to the tracidional market, ensuring sustainable growth.

Our Vision

To be a profitable and innovative company, promoting the transformation from technology.

Our Values

We believe in the principle of credibility, which has brought us to the 365-day mark on the market.

Our Conquest

The only Latin American company currently active in the business to own cryptomeda.


Our Institutional Video

We are an institution with more than 365 days of activity in the financial market, a brand achieved with the support of all employees and customers of this market leader company.

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Some Interesting Facts

The name NICASH has as conception the idealization of "New Investment Currency", being "N" for New, "I" (Investment) and "Cash" (Currency).

Timeline //

Our Trajectory

365 Days on the Market

Immediatism often leads us to the wrong path, but for those who aspire to Success, patience and dedication are what make us worthy of achieving it. Our greatest asset is the Family, Welcome, because you are part of it!

The "Nicash" Foot Tip

01. -

How did the company come about?

After a meeting of technology entrepreneurs and investors in the digital asset market, our premise came to be guided by the difficulty and low access to cryptomorphs already on the market, the main reason for the creation of NICASH.

License Number: 0110/323 - Issued by the financial authorities of Georgia. / Company Number: 155687413

Details +

Cryptomeda Development

02. -

Nicash Cryptocurrency

To leverage the credibility and power that Nicash was taking in the market, they began the development of their own cryptomeda - a power little seen in the industry. The currency is designed to be used as a means of electronic payment, using the ERC-20 Ethereum technology as an encryption tool.

Official Website

The First Negotiation

03. -

Currency Creates Value

Finally, the currency made its debut in one of the largest Exchanges in the world, Latoken. Raising the trading volume over the months, reaching the $ mark.

  • Latoken Exchange
  • P2P B2B

Nicash is currently listed on only two exchanges worldwide, however, there are forecasts that the currency will enter more brokerage houses in 2020, expanding its trading area and volatility.

The New "Nicash" Age

04. -

A Year of Changes and Achievements

After a year of expansion of the company, the Nicash brand drew the attention of international investors to which it came to invest, improving and expanding its activities in 2020. Nicash's new phase meets the most diverse and innovative crypto products on the market.

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Attract More Customers!

Nicash's new cryptomode receiving machine will help drive any business. More than 20 million people today use cryptomoeda as one of their payment methods.

//How Us Work


Users Benefits

Become a Nicash member and discover the opportunities that our users gain every day. Discover a new world of business.

  • Arbitration

    Make crypto trading easier through Nicash, with us you choose a value to trade and obtain constant profits with our platform.

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  • Bitcoin Machine

    We have adopted POS technology, enabling our users to have their own cryptocurrency receiving machine, just like credit cards.

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  • Airline Tickets and Refills

    We have created an innovative system that allows users to recharge cell phones and even buy airline tickets directly from the Nicash platform, in Bitcoin.

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Do it all through
the Application

Our T.I. team has developed, besides a robust and secure platform, an application where you can control all the account settings. We have decided to evolve and innovate, we give you a unique experience!

The Power of Cryptomorphs

Technology is
evolving, evolve too!

Bitcoin (the world's first cryptomeda) is a great example that today's belief may well be wrong with the future. An asset that was born in 2008 at U$0.01 (unit value of U.S. dollars), reached historic milestones and valuations never before seen in the financial industry, registering a historic high in 2017 when it reached U$20K per currency.


The total volume is $80BI according to CoinMarketCap.


Growth of 127% in the market for cryptomyces in 2019 alone.


Currently, there are more than 5,065 currencies registered in CoinMarketCap.


309 Exchanges are listed today in CoinMarketCap.


Real Time Graph

Check chart for price history of NICASH/BTC pair traded on the Latoken Exchange over the last 24 hours. If you are interested in finding out more about cryptomeda, visit its official website.


Nicash Customer Testimonials

We show transparency and, whenever possible, give our allies the opportunity to report their experiences.

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